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Dr. Hojin Kim and Rodeo Dental Laredo came together to bring students award-winning awesomeness! During October and November, these Rodeo rock stars provided students high-end dental care and the kids loved it! When asked what inspired him to put this event together, Dr. Kim responded that “I wanted to reach out to the students, to see them instead of waiting in the clinic for them to learn about us.” Readying up a game plan and setting up a mobile dental service, the RodeoFEST task force took Rodeo Dental to United Independent School District students. The team traveled to five different elementary schools, bringing students elite dental services and experiences they would not typically receive from their local dentists in Laredo.

RodeoFEST engaged students with the “Guess That Snack” game, where they picked out the best and worst foods for their teeth and then got to sit in with a Rodeo Team Member who gave them dental cleaning tips such as how to floss and brush their teeth with the Teeth Brushing dance! After they learned how to get their teeth sparkling white, the students taught our very own Dr. Hojin Kim how to dance the Floss! Ready to show-off their smiles, students strolled onto the last station where they received one final screening with their Rodeo Dental Dentist.

Alicia from Laredo Guadalupe expressed that the best part about RodeoFEST was that “All of the kids loved it. When they first walked in they were a little shy and nervous about the dentist. But they saw the events that we had and they loved MooMoo! The kids were really, really engaged with the interactive activities we had throughout the event and any anxiety they had left by the time they met with their dentist.” After RodeoFEST came to a close, Rodeo Dental placed a donation for UISD’s Scholar Walk Program, deepening its partnership with the Laredo community.