Ever feel tied down?  Locked in? Unable to move or get away? Or just trapped in a situation you wish you could get out of? It’s a stressful, negative feeling that all of us have had – and none of us like. 

Freedom Rocks!

The Rodeo team knows that getting out of tough situations is not always easy. We’ve all had to do it, and in some cases, it’s taken real guts to make a change. That said, our dentists and team love the feeling of freedom we get when we finally make a move! It’s a peak moment that feels fantastic and can last for a very long time…

Can You See It?

Poor nutrition, oral health challenges, and a sub-standard smile can dampen your outlook on life. It’s a tough combination that can hurt your confidence and tear down your spirit. Some families and kids struggle in this situation – but it doesn’t have to be that way! Imagine a NEW FEELING – one that is powered by self-expression, an amped up spirit, and the confidence to Smile Like You Mean It!

Want to Feel It?

At Rodeo, our dentists and team have helped guide thousands of patients through the steps needed to look and feel their best. We love helping our patients reach heightened levels of confidence and when they do – we think of them as ‘Free Birds’! With this in mind, Rodeo Dental Productions is excited to announce ‘FREEBIRD’ as our next Pop Spirit Celebration!


Time to Fly!

Ready to make that move? Well come on over, get your wings, and check out our Freebird Experience! Defy gravity, ascend to new heights, and get lost in time while we tell some jokes, work on your smile, and take funky pictures and videos. We’ll even hook you up with WINGS and things that will make your friends so jealous they’ll miss the old you!

Set Yourself Free! Schedule your Freebird Experience at a Rodeo Dental near you! Or just click here to call.

Start a new life. Be happy. Be free.

P.S. Rodeo dentists and team are Freebirds and not subject to the rules of gravity. We won’t bring you down ☺

Need More Inspiration?

This Pop Spirit Celebration was inspired by our Patient Smiles and a number of Artists and Songs listed below. Pick one and click PLAY:


Experience the magic of Freebird!