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Pop Spirit Celebration

Rodeo Rox in Weslaco

Dazzle the crowd with rapid-fyah lyrics and steal the show during Rodeo Rox! Your local Weslaco dental office is prepped and ready to jam out with you! Grab your VIP badge, head back-stage and meet chart-topping dentists in a state-of-the-art dental facility. Get the high-end dental care you deserve, enjoy rockin’ activities fun for the whole family and never look back! Celebrate this ten-year journey with your Rodeo Dental team and get ready for an Epic experience! Check out how some of our awesome patients Rocked-n’-Rolled during Rodeo Rox down below.

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Roll Call Challenge 🤘🏼

Chart-Toppers Strike a pose!

Rodeo Dental
Rockin’ his new smile comes easily after a visit with his local Weslaco dentist! This superstar posed for his photoshoot and then took another one with his biggest fan, his Supermom!
Dentist in Weslaco Rodeo Rox
This shining star donned her VIP pass and stepped into her dentist’s world-class exam room. She was so awed by her now new favorite dental office she asked her Supermom if she could stay longer for the fun activities!
Pop Spirit Celebration
Eager to get her Rodeo Rox on, this patient posed for her picture then rushed to rock out with her local Weslaco dentist!

Rock Out WIth Your Weslaco Dentist!

Rodeo Dental
During this season of thanks and giving, this patient made a turkey for her Supermom and another for her award-winning Weslaco dentist!
Dentist in Weslaco Rodeo Rox
This patient smiled through her whole dental visit and clapped her hands in joy when she found out she got her own VIP pass and turkey hat! In almost no time she had her own set and showed them off to her Weslaco dental team!
Pop Spirit Celebration
Being awesome is no-sweat for this patient! After showing off some rad dance moves, this rockstar put together a turkey for Thanks Giving and rocked her dental visit!
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