Weslaco My First Rodeo

My First Rodeo in Weslaco

Every SuperMom knows that Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics is the place for their child’s dental care! That’s why the moms of Weslaco, TX make sure to schedule their little one’s first appointment with us!  We work to make your child’s dental experience as smooth as possible, explaining every procedure, and answering any questions you may have, all while your little one is being treated by one of our amazing Weslaco pediatric dentists!  But high-end dental care isn’t the only thing you get at Rodeo Dental! Our incredible Weslaco team will also give your child some special gifts after their appointment! Every patient receives a My First Rodeo shirt, balloon, and customized certificate so you’ll never forget your child’s first dental experience! At Rodeo Dental, you’re the star! 

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Baby’s first visit!

baby at dentist in Weslaco

This sweet patient’s First Rodeo was a breeze! This amazing little patient was all giggles from start to finish!

Weslaco baby dentist

This little HitMaker was ready for his First Rodeo at the dentist in Weslaco! Never afraid of the spotlight, this patient was ready to show off his new smile!

Baby's First Rodeo at Dentist in Weslaco

This little gentleman did an awesome job during his first Rodeo experience! The patient just couldn’t stop smiling!

Weslaco baby's dentist

Mom and baby couldn’t stop smiling after this patient’s First Rodeo! She was so excited about her child’s experience, she asked us to capture this amazing moment!

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