Scott St. in Houston Waymaker

Scott St. in Houston – Waymaker

The Houston Scott St. Rodeo Dental Team is here to help Waymakers achieve the best dental care along their journeys so that once they reach their goals, their smiles light up a room! Being a Waymaker means challenging the status quo, by forging your own path to achieve your goals. Waymakers are leaders by example, motivators, inspirational, and above all brave enough to stand out among the crowd. These fierce adventurers face every obstacle as a challenge to be tackled and conquered so that others will learn from them. 

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Smile Station!

Rodeo Dental

This patient is looking towards their goal, knowing it is never too early to be a leader!

Rodeo Dental

This patient not only rocked the adventure gear, but rocked that big beautiful smile😁!

Rodeo Dental

These two patients found a scavenger hunt item! These compasses will keep them headed in the direction of their goals!


Pop Spirit Celebration

Such sweet Holly Jollies smiles! These awesome patients got a chance to pose in front of Santa’s Workshop in our lobby!

Pop Spirit Celebration

Found the treasure!! This little explorer was an adventurer through and through decked out in gear and finding the treasure chest.

Pop Spirit Celebration

These Waymakers are charting their course!

Birthdays and More!

Scott St in Houston - Waymaker

Birthdays are a big deal to us. As Waymakers ourselves we understand that every year that passes means there is more knowledge gained and one step closer to obtaining your goals!

Scott St. in Houston - Waymaker

Birthdays are so big, and joyous, our whole team wants to celebrate with you!!🎉

Scott St in Houston - Waymaker

Achievement unlocked!🏆 Compass found! 

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