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My First Rodeo in San Benito

The San Benito Rodeo Dental team guarantees to make your child’s first rodeo a fun, pumped up experience brimming with color, goodies and memories! At a ‘My First Rodeo’ experience the San Benito team will make sure your little one is enjoying him or herself every step of the way because at Rodeo Dental your child’s first San Benito dentist visit is more than an appointment, it’s an experience! You will also get to be part of the fun and guide your child through this joyous time! After the visit is over, your little one will receive a certificate commemorating their first rodeo, a t-shirt and goodie bags! We recommend your little one’s first rodeo starts at their 6 months to make sure your child has their first formal dental visit by 12 months of age! Want to see what a first rodeo is like? Scroll below and check out all the cool pictures taken by our San Benito office! Love what you see? Schedule a visit with us today!

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Baby’s first visit!

My First Rodeo in San Benito

Wearing a ‘I love My Dentist’ shirt, this adorable patient came in ready to have the experience of a lifetime with our San Benito dental team!

Babys dentist in San Benito

This sweet patient held her certificate up proud for all to see! Momma was so happy she smiled ear to ear!

San Benito dental visit

The whole family joined in and celebrated this cutie’s first rodeo!! Congratulations on you first San Benito dentist visit!

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