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Waymaker in Pharr! 

Having a passion for adventure and a longing to feel accomplished helps us unlock the greatness that lies within each of us. Even when we run into obstacles and roadblocks along the way, we know that we must keep ourselves, and others, moving in a perpetual forward motion. At your Rodeo Pharr, we love helping our patients overcome their fears and push themselves into uncharted territories with heightened confidence! We call these patients, “Waymakers.” They are fierce adventurers who face every obstacle as a challenge to be tackled and conquered. Your adventure awaits! Lead on like the Waymaker you are, and let your smile guide others! 

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Treasured Waymaker Smiles! 

Rodeo Dental

This smiley patient was eager and ready to explore her Waymaker adventure! 

Rodeo Dental

These adventure buddies faced their visit together, made meories and found all kinds of treasures to take home! 

Rodeo Dental

This Waymaker unlocked his best smile, and it shines bright with confidence and happiness! 

Pop Spirit Celebration

Adventures with Moomoo are always exciting! Check out the dynamic duo that conquered their experience with courage and valor! 

Pop Spirit Celebration

This tiny explorer faced his firt Rodeo experience like a champ! They were moments to treasure forever! 

Pop Spirit Celebration

This patient pushed through all obstacles and unlocked her best smile yet! You go brave Waymaker!

Dentist Pharr Waymaker

This proud Waymaker loved discovering all the hidden treasures in her coloring pages!

Dentist Pharr Waymaker

Check out this Waymaker’s adventure hat! She created an awesome personalized design to be proud of! 

Rodeo Dental Pharr Waymaker

A lantern to guide the way was all this patient was missing to complete her Waymaker experience! 

Experience Waymaker with Us!

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