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La Vida Loca in Laredo Guadalupe

Imagine yourself doing wild and crazy things that make you look cool! It takes guts to lean into the moment, self-express on the fly and be the REAL YOU! That is what La Vida Loca at your Laredo Guadalupe dental office Is all about! The bigger the crowd – the harder it seems, but we know you’ve got the SPIRIT for it! Come over and craft Easter Frames, decorate maracas and more! We have new activities each week! Check out the epic La Vida Loca experience below:

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La Vida Loca in Style!

Rodeo Dental

These two kiddos posed for the camera and proudly self-expressed the real them!

Rodeo Dental

Smiling big, this patient got to take a picture with one of our awesome door decorations!

Rodeo Dental

Our Laredo Dental Team loves being part of the Pop Spirit experience! Look at all those smiles!

Pop Spirit Celebration

This patient got to hang out with the Easter bunny during our awesome Egg Hunt!

Pop Spirit Celebration

Crafting together is part of the Rodeo Experience, these wonderful patients made rockin’ Easter baskets!

Pop Spirit Celebration

Colorful crafts with our Easter bunny made our first week of La Vida Loca so fun!

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