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Rodeo Dental Birthday

Birthday Celebrations in Laredo Off Del Mar St.

Birthdays are an occasion for celebration, laughter, and cake! Your Laredo Del Mar dental office is here to toss confetti, sing with you and make sure your birthday is one that you’ll remember. We love making our patients feel special on their most important day! Check out our other Birthday moments below!

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Celebrating During Your Dental Visit!

Laredo Del Mar Dentist

After a regular check-up, the Rodeo Dental team surprised this patient with balloons, cake, and a birthday song! She was so happy she hugged her favorite dental team member and asked for a photo with the team and one for her mom!

Birthday at Laredo

The Rodeo Team loves surprises, so this awesome patient got exactly that for her birthday and a delicious cake her family shared later!

Birthday at Laredo

This little girl gasped and said, “Woah!” right as her Laredo dentist brought her cake out!

Birthday at Laredo

While coloring one of our Pop Spirit Celebration coloring pages, this little girl got surprised by her favorite team member with a song, balloons, and cake! They even changed the television screen to show “Happy Birthday” for her!

Birthday at Laredo Del Mar

This guy’s siblings and parents were absolutely over the moon when they saw their brother get a delicious birthday cake! Enjoy!

Rodeo Dental Birthday

A proud Supermom stood by her son as the dentist and dental team sang “Happy Birthday” and captured their moment!

Rodeo Dental Birthday

Making memories is what the Laredo Del Mar team is all about! This sweet girl got her favorite cake flavor for her birthday and a picture to remember it by!

Birthday at Laredo Del Mar

Family, dental team and friends all stood around this patient and sang loudly and joyfully to celebrate this kiddo’s birthday!

Birthday at Laredo Del Mar

Posing after a fun birthday song! She wanted cupcakes for her special day and that’s exactly what her dental team brought her after her award-winning dental visit!

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