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Moolazo in Harlingen

Art and passion are two words used to describe the beautiful sport of soccer. They also happen to be two words we use here at Rodeo Dental to describe our work. We are artists when it comes to turning your smile into something you’ll be proud to show off, and we are passionate about providing you the greatest experience that you’ll ever have at a dentist office. This Pop Spirit Celebration score your very own Moolazo and celebrate with a smile thats worth showing off when you come visit you local Rodeo Dental!  




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Score Your Own Moolazo!

Rodeo Dental

Our patients know how to strike a pose after scoring their own Moolazo!

Rodeo Dental

These fans are showing their Moolazo spirit by making some noise! 

Rodeo Dental

These fans were getting ready to celebrate scoring a moolazo with their own custom decorated vuvuzelas! 

The Moolazo Champions 

Moolazo in Harlingen

Our Rodeo referees are here to make sure that everyone always leaves with a smile!


There’s no better feeling than being able to hold the Moolazo Championship Trophy!

Pediatric dentist

You’re never too young to come and celebrate your first Moolazo Championship! 

Theres no better way to celebrate winning the Moolazo Championship then with your best friends!

Harlingen Dentist

This All-Star is looking like a champion and is sporting a winning smile on top of it all!

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