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Pop Spirit Celebration

Rodeo Rox in Donna

We aren’t your typical dentist. See how we roll during this rockin’ new Pop Spirit Celebration! Go wild with your local Donna Dental team, become a VIP, and be ready for a dental experience that tops the dentistry charts. Enter a celebration that fuses color, music, and fashion all into one. Celebrate ten years of exceptional dental service with a team that passionately strives to give you a smile transformation you deserve. Book your award-winning experience today, take part in activities the whole family will enjoy! Curious about Rodeo Rox? Check out some of our epic experiences below!

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Music, Color, Fashion – Strike a pose!

Rodeo Dental
The dancing bug got hold of this rockstar and once she got started there was no slowing down! Her dental team joined in on the jam session and made this patient’s day!
Rodeo Dental
Gold, purple and blue are this superstar’s favorite colors. Once he saw his Donna dental office’s decorations he ran straight for his photoshoot!
Dentist in Donna Rodeo Rox
All smiles and thumbs up here! And how could these awesome patient not be excited with the North Pole behind them!

Rock-n’-Roll – Sing Your Heart Out!

Pop Spirit Celebration
Who let the turkey out? Oh wait, that’s one of Donna’s team members! Once this patient noticed his fun-loving personality, she asked him to pose for a picture to capture her epic experience!
Dentist in Donna Rodeo Rox
It takes two to make Rodeo Dental music happen! This team member got in on coming up with some new tunes alongside this blossoming rockstar!
Dentist in Donna Rodeo Rox
Sometimes you just need to have an epic guitar solo! Stepping up to the plate was this patient, who stole the show after an epic dental visit!
Now Playing: Rox Star
Now Playing: ROX Star

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