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Jingle Rox in Dallas Casa View

Jingle Rox in Dallas Casa View!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Jingle Rox is here and it’s all about taking center stage and shinning like the STAR you are! With Colorful lights, holiday music, and activities for the whole family, your Dallas Casa View dentist is ready to celebrate like never before! Bring the whole family and give them the gift that keeps on giving– a beautiful smile from high-end dental care! Love the new you and get ready to rock around the Christmas tree with your Rodeo Smile! Check out some of our favorite Jingle Rox moments below!

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Creating Gingerbread Houses in Dallas Casa View!

Rodeo Dental
Big smiles in our office around the gingerbread house table! Our patients are loving this Holiday activity!
Rodeo Dental
These patients were having a blast creating their own gingerbread house! This is why our patient experience sets up apart!
Rodeo Dental
All of these patients created the sweetest gingerbread house designs! The Dallas Casa View team had a great time hanging out with all of them!

One Team– One Dallas Community!

Pop Spirit Celebration
We’re helping our local community by giving them some tasty and health treats to enjoy during the Holidays! Everyone loves our xylitol candy!
Pop Spirit Celebration
We’re on a mission to give every family the KEY to High-End Dental Care! One Team — One Dream — One Casa View Community
Pop Spirit Celebration
Moomoo had a great time visitng the schools around Casa View during the Holidays! We love educating our community about healthy life habits!

Taking Center Stage with Our Pediatric Dentist!

dentist in Dallas Casa View Jingle Rox
Dr. Anna de Leon loves to make every appoitnment as smooth as possible! Especially if it’s your child’s first time at the dentist!
dentist in Dallas Casa View Jingle Rox
These patients took center stage and stole the show with their Jingle Rox performace! Our team was star struck!
dentist in Dallas Casa View Jingle Rox
These patients had their First Rodeo with us, and we were so excited! They’re on their way to learning healthy lifelong habits to keep their teeth nice and clean!
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