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On the day news broke about six-year-old Robert Madrigals’ rush to the emergency room after being electrocuted by a food truck, the Laredo Rodeo Dental team answered the call to go above and beyond for their patients. Together with Rodeo Dental HQ, this all-star team filled a care package with some of Roberts’ favorite swag like a Spurs Jersey, items from his favorite character from Mario Kart, and positive messages from the team and doctors. Once ready, the team shipped it off to the San Antonio Hospital where he was receiving treatment.

Getting wind of this brave Rodeo patient’s journey and learning that the Spurs is his favorite team, Doctor Zarrabi reached out to him and his family during Rodeo Dental’s Rodeo Rox Anniversary celebration. There, in front of a cheering crowd of Rodeo Dental team members who had come together from all across Texas, the family was offered Spurs vs. Lakers tickets. Ecstatic, they accepted and got ready for the awesomeness coming their way! Roberts’ aunt came by the Laredo Guadalupe office before the trip and mentioned she wanted to go as well, so she would be buying seats close to the rest of her family. Sharing her gratitude, she expressed, “You all are amazing. You all have been through our journey since day one. We appreciate all you’ve done for us.” One of our incredible Rodeo Dental team members reached out to Doctor Zarrabi about Robert’s aunt’s wish to be with them at the game. Wanting them together for this experience, Rodeo Dental paid for her ticket as well.

Travel and hotel paid for, the family only focused on Robert and on making new memories. After returning from their San Antonio trip, Mrs. Madrigal sent out Laredo team members a message stating, “We can’t thank y’all enough for this experience. #Superblue Strong!” Robert Madrigal has taken big steps towards recovery and his family has guided him every step of the way, thankful for the Rodeo Dental team members who work with him during his visits.