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“Our Mission Is To Give Every Family The KEY To Access High-End Dental Care.”

Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics brings a fresh and exciting new approach to dentistry! World-class service and authentic patient experiences based on nutrition and good oral health are delivered at every office across Texas. Make the move to Rodeo Dental, get the high-end dental care you deserve.

Award-winning Dentists

Voted Best Dentists” Fort Worth Inc. Magazine | D Magazine”

Rodeo Dental’s award-winning family dentists, orthodontists, endodontics, pediatric dentists, and teams of bright, fun-loving health care professionals have been executing on this mission since 2008. Rodeo serves the Fort Worth, Houston, Laredo, Brownsville and the entire Rio Grande Valley.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Rodeo Dental Service Updates

Rodeo Dental is leading the charge in COVID-19 infection control and emergency dental services.

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All Dental Services Under One Roof

Family Dentistry - kids having fun with balloons!

Family Dentistry

“I had a fantastic experience!”

Using the latest technology and special techniques, such as DentalVibe®, we guarantee a 100% pain-free experience when you see us for your cleanings and dental procedures. Rodeo Dental and Orthodontics offers family dentistry, restorative services and cosmetic dentistry for adults and children.

orthodontics services - braces!!


“What color bands on my braces?”

You can get any color you want! We have a ton of colors to select from to match your style. Adults and children have experienced dramatic results and a better quality of life from Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics Texas traditional and clear braces – we also have blingin’ rose gold braces, too!

Pediatric dentistry for children

Pediatric Dentistry

“My child received the best care!”

Our pediatric dentists at Rodeo Dental and Orthodontics are board-certified and specially trained to work with kids from birth to adolescence, just as a pediatrician is trained to work with children. Our pediatric dentists believe in the importance of proper dental care for your young child.

Rodeo Dental offers invisalign - clear braces

We Offer Invisalign®

“Straighten teeth with no braces?”

Invisalign® is a clear, removable alternative to traditional metal braces that is comfortable to wear and just as effective at straightening teeth. Move through the series of aligners, changing to the next one every two weeks until the final position is achieved.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

“I love my smile!”

Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics offers a variety of dental implant procedures to help restore your smile or make it even better! Many of our treatments (like bridges, implants and dentures) restore function to the mouth. You will have a more beautiful smile and chew normally too!

Endodontics, root canals done at Rodeo Dental


“This was so quick and easy!”

Have no fear! Root canals are just like getting a regular dental filling. Our amazing endodontists at Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics Texas are ready to walk you though the entire process and make it completely comfortable, easy, and pain-free.

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We take almost all insurances.

Our Office Locations

Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics has been delivering amazing experiences to families in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and all across Laredo and South Texas! Find a Rodeo Dental near you!

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We take almost all insurances.

"Why Rodeo? What do they say about Rodeo Dental and Orthodontics?"

Our patients confidently rate us the highest marks possible – 5 STARS! Rodeo Dental and Orthodontics has revolutionized the idea of going to the dentist with delivering a WOW experience never seen at other dental offices.

“How do you do this?”

Our entire focus has always been on your family, the experience and convenience. We make every effort to ensure our offices and services are accessible and affordable to ALL families.

“I Am in love with Rodeo dental , this place made us feel at home from the very start , I love that they have different things to keep the kids entertained while they wait , My boys loved it! The best part I did not have to deal with tears , and they got to help the dentist while he looked at each of there teeth , very relaxing even for the parents 🙂 I’ll definitely will be coming back to make this our home location.”

5-star Review – Fort Worth Office

Reviewed by RAYNE ROBINSON, Google Review

“We always have a great experience at Rodeo, my daughter is having her Ortho appt’s monthly and all staff we’ve had the privilege of meeting has been Amazing, they are always great to answer questions when needed and keep you well informed during the visit and future ones as well. Thank you Rodeo for making our visits very pleasant to attend.”

5-star Review – Fort Worth Office

Reviewed by Vicky Campos, Facebook Review

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We take almost all insurances.

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We take almost all insurances.